Drishti    15-May-2019
Drishti is a centre for studying the issues of women. Fifty percent of the total population are women but the percentage is dwindling and the condition of women’s education, health, employment and honour are pitiable. It is the woman who gives birth to the whole society. Naturally the plight of women affects the entire society. Their problems arise out of the attitude of the masses towards them, the circumstances around them and their own ideas about themselves. Drishti aims at studying these problems in detail to suggest various remedies, projects and undertaking various programmes for promoting awareness. We are engaged in collecting the information, documenting it and availing it for the researchers. We conduct study circles on various women related subjects and have our own publication department. Drishti primarily studies the condition of women, prepares reports and recommendation that would help in improving the situation. Our research reports so far have contributed significantly in bringing a change in the conditions and policies for women. Through these research reports, we aim to document and explain in detail our research conducted in the different areas of the country related to different issues faced by women.
Our recent reports consisted of a detailed research and survey regarding the impact of sex ratio on the pattern of marriages in Haryana, the migration of girl domestic workers from tribal areas of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Orissa and the study of the socio-economic status of women in Assam. Drishti visits the areas of research, interviews the women facing issue in those areas, conducts surveys by preparing a detailed questionnaire, documents all the information, studies all the collected data in detail, comes up with solutions for the problems found in the research and finally compiles a well-documented report. The reports consist of all the minor details found in our research and they also provide a statistical data related to the issue faced by women. These reports aim at bringing a positive change in the society by providing thorough information about specific subjects, topics or areas.