Drishti    15-May-2019
Drishti has been working rigorously in the field of women’s empowerment in the past couple of decades. Every month, with the purpose of reaching out to the masses, especially women, we publish a monthly issue named ‘Mahila Vishwa’. This issue consists of a collection of news and articles related to the women’s issues which are published in various newspapers and periodicals. The articles relating to any women’s issues are selected from the newspapers and periodicals form all over India. These articles are then segregated into different categories such as education, society, politics, religion, law, health etc.
After this segregation, the most important and pressing issues which are affecting women all over the country are selected and published in this monthly issue. All of this is done by the women working with Drishti every month. ‘Women working for the betterment of women’ is our motto. The Mahila Vishwa aims at reaching and informing all the women around India about the different issues, achievements and policies affecting women in the different parts of the country. The first part of the issue aims at encouraging women by describing the achievements of the women around the country. In the recent issues, it described the rise in the women’s savings accounts and the achievements of women in the sports field. It also provides news regarding educational and political schemes put forth by the government for the development of women. The main section is the social movement section which provides information regarding the different struggles and protests around the country for the improvement of the status of the women. The most recent protest was staged by women for the implementation of GST on sanitary pads. These news snippets are published in the Mahila Vishwas and distributed all over India for women to be well informed and to help them work towards improving their conditions. The issue also published news related to the different laws which are affecting women in a positive or negative way. We aim to create awareness regarding the different issues affecting women and the ways in which these issues could be solved or handled.