Drishti    15-May-2019
Drishti is an organisation for the study of women’s issues and awakening. We handle and study the different aspects related to women and recognise the entry of women in various fields and the development of those who are already active in these fields. Women are now entering the fields which were traditionally dominated by males and are progressively going ahead in the same. Every year, we publish an annual issue ‘Mahila Vishwa Visheshank’ which consists of various essays by eminent scholars working in the field of women empowerment. The annual issue focuses on important issues which affected the masses in that year such as the Nirbhaya case, women in decision making and women’s protection. It provides an in-depth view in to these issues, the research done by various activists, statistics regarding their impact on the society and the various efforts taken by different individuals and organisations to tackle these serious issues. In the recent annual issues, we have tried to shed light on problems faced by women in the judiciary, administrative, banking, I.T industry and political fields.
Until now, Drishti has published ten special editions of the annual issue. Each issue aims at providing detailed information regarding the major issues faced by women all over the country. The annual issue consists of articles and essays written by expert activists and academicians working rigorously in this field. The recent issues consisted of articles written Rajyashree Kshirsagar, a brain researcher and freelance journalist and Dr. Vijay Raghavan, chairperson for criminology and justice at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and many such expert scholars who wish to share their experiences and knowledge with the women masses. The staff members of Drishti collect all the information and conduct interviews with the related dignitaries. This is then combined, edited and printed along with the articles from the experts in every annual issue. At the end of each issue, we provide a review which consists of the compilation of important changes and news with reference to women’s issues that took place in the entire year.