Drishti    15-May-2019
Drishti Stree Adhyayan Prabhodhan Kendra, a women’s study centre has been working for more than two decades in researching and understanding the vital and important issues regarding a women’s status in the society. A woman has a four-fold role in this society. She plays a role as a mother, as the centre of her family, as a responsible member of the society and as a person herself. These varied roles of a woman and the issues she faces while playing these roles has compelled thinkers to study these issues in detail. The patriarchal system, social constraints, lack of interaction within the family and the lack of opportunities are the biggest obstacles in the way of a woman’s personal development.
Women in any society have suffered long and hard under the compelling rules and traditions of the patriarchal society. May it be the tradition of sati or dowry; women have always been kept under the thumb of the society. Now, after decades of struggle and fighting for their rights, women have begun to rise up in the different fields of the society. The strive towards women’s empowerment by many social groups and NGO’s has resulted in opening doors for all the women regarding educational, social, political and economic rights. Through its work, Drishti has made a magnificent headway in the field of women empowerment. We have held study circles regarding different women’s issues. We have conducted research projects such as social empowerment of women through self-help groups in Maharashtra, the study of migrant domestic workers from the tribal areas and the impact of sex ratio on the pattern of marriages in Haryana, and many more. These research reports have had a significant impact both on the social level as well as at the policy making stage. Drishti has also conducted training workshops regarding the Gender Budget for women corporators, for women’s elections in the Municipal Corporation and for members of the Internal Complaints Committee to prevent sexual harassment of women in workplaces. Through equal opportunities, positive interactions and moral support, the development of women as individuals are most likely. And this development will ultimately benefit the society.
Vision and Mission
  • To study in depth the women’s condition in the society, their development, and problems with reference to the Indian culture
  • To research and create awareness regarding various policies declared at the State, National and International levels.
  • To study, survey and evaluate various women’s issues and also to create awareness regarding the various schemes and projects which are pertaining to their development.
  • To provide training and all the necessary information to the activists.
  • To study the various problems that women face and assist individuals, institutions, and organisations working in the same field.
  • To publish monthly, annual issues and research reports related to the women’s issues.